September 19, 2009


Soooo, I'm new at this .. not at blogging, but to blogspot.
I've had a multiple xangas, a tumblr, and a livejournal.
For some reason I just stop using them.
My sister-in-law got me to sign up for one of these ..
Let's see if I'll stick to this one this time.

Random Facts to get to know me a little (:
To start off, my name is Kristine Louise.
Currently 17, born on the 10th of February.
A boy named Joel Sustento stole my heart on July 01, 2008.
Senior at James Monroe High School in North Hills, Ca.
I'm in the Advanced Orchestra class .. I play the viola.
I enjoy art & photography. Music & texting is <3
I am an Adobe Photoshopper (sounds funny, haha).
I've learned every skill that I know on my own.
I'm not all that good, but I can do pretty cool stuff here and there.
Hmm, I'm often mistaken for a latina, but I'm 100% FILIPINA.

Feel free to visit/follow/talk to me!
AOL Instant Messenger (AIM): kuhriistiine
Y! Messenger: twisted.pinay